From lead to loyal customer.

Building long-lasting customer relationships is hard. And it always starts with the right strategy and marketing plan in place. 

I help you attract leads, automate your marketing, and digitalize your sales. 

 Start with a better understanding of your customers today and build long-lasting customer-relationships tomorrow!

Where are you stuck right now?

From strategy to organizing your CRM to campaign planning: Let's find out, where I can help you.




Identify your target audience, understand the customer journey and find the right marketing solution for your brand.



Attract, engage and retain your customers by picking the right cross-channel marketing mix for your business.



Organize and structure CRM data across multiple platforms to identify opportunities and create more personalized marketing experiences.

Guidelines &


Individual workshops and comprehensive guidelines help you  effectively implement marketing solutions and stay updated. 

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No need for a big project? Send me your request here and get marketing consultation via telephone or video chat. 



Hi, my name is Tim Grandjean and I'm a certified Inbound Marketing and CRM consultant. 

Since 2015, it is my mission to help small and medium-sized enterprises and startups grow by engaging with their customers and building long-lasting business relationships. 

I will provide you with right strategy and tools to guide you along your clients journey: 

From first interaction to loyal customer. 

From start to finish, we will work together to ensure you attract and convert qualified leads, engage your audience through personalized and automated marketing as well as find ways to retain and upsell your customer base.


If you want to find out more, feel free to book a free consultation today! 

What customers say:

As head of marketing, Mr. Grandjean was responsible for the business development and strategic direction of our brands "Thought of You" and "APHAIA Verlag" which was characterized by his resourcefulness and constant search for the most optimum solutions.  

Dr. Harald Albrecht
Media Invest GmbH


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